Afterschool Program

Download After School Program Brochure (pdf)

The Life House is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is operated by the Executive Director and Qualified Professional. Teachers, contractors and volunteers make up the remaining staff for the learning enrichment center. The center offers alternative teaching methods and mentorship by introducing life skills and effecting positive change in the lives of these individuals.

The Life House focuses mainly on youth ranging from ages 7-18. Many have already been identified either by the social service system or the juvenile justice department as "at risk". The Life House focuses on the following:

  • At Risk Youth
  • Juvenile Offenders
  • High School Drop Outs
  • Gang Violence

Youth may be selected from a pool of youth that are currently in the juvenile justice system or participants of non-traditional school or alternative schools. Partnering community support agencies also provide referrals to the center. The judicial system may also appoint youth to the center.

The center offers an array of activities ranging from but not limited to: mentoring, tutoring, computer technology and operations, personal hygiene, financial literacy, and vocational training. The center operates after school and during select weeks during the summer. Additional tracks may be offered as the needs change for the youth.

The center operates from numerous grants, donations and personal contributions. You many contact the center directly for information regarding contributions.

Download After School Program Brochure (pdf)